GRAVELBED – Dead Future

GRAVELBED – Dead Future

GRAVELBED – Dead Future 1024 1024 BlackEarth Sindustries


Our first full length has had a long gestation period from its first seeds being laid in the second half of 2020 to receiving final mastering from Kurt Gluck (Submerged, Ohm Resistance) a few months ago. The range of sound and style has been greatly expanded during this time and industrial has become one of several angles that this ambitious record showcases. The collaborations are top notch, with Dave Cochrane and Peter Verwimp once again helping out and Marco Serrato and Michi Cordura adding a new dimension to this work.


released February 6, 2023

Juantxu Domenech: Music, arranging and mixing

Pedro Blackearth: Vocals, lyrics and concept

Recorded, arranged and mixed at Eate Studios

Mastered at Blue Site II N Studios by Kurt Glück

Additional personnel:

Dave Cochrane: Bass Guitar on Dissolve

Michi Cordura: Guitars in Automatic

Marco Serrato: Double Bass in 309

Peter Verwimp: Guitars in Brutality Of Optimism

Elena Dalinger: Backing Vocals in 309

Additional recording at:

Palazzo, Antwerp by Asthoreth (Peter Verwimp)

Reaside Clinical Studios by Dr. Le Monstre (Dave Cochrane)

Ataúd De Plomo Estudios by Miguel Grindermassive (Marco Serrato)